Organisation: echoVME

Position: Content Writer

Department: Digital Marketing

Location: Chennai

Job Description:

  • Liaising with team and interpreting their briefs and descriptions.
  • Converting ideas into creative concepts.
  • Writing clear, persuasive, original copy.
  • Proof reading copy to check spelling and grammar.
  • Giving a creative edge to every single copy.
  • Working on several campaigns at once, sometimes under pressure and often to tight deadlines.
  • In nutshell: Write blogs for clients, job descriptions, design smart tweets, content for ads.

Required Skills:

  • Excellent English communication skills (Written)
  • Previous experience in writing absolutely brilliant ad copies.
  • Minimum: 2 years experience required.
  • Freshers who think can add value and match the above skills can apply too.

To apply: Modify this paragraph in your style:

There is nothing like sleeping an extra hour, lazing on the bed, curling up in a chair & sipping coffee with a book! Especially when the weather has decided to be nice to Chennai on a Sunday 🙂#Happy Sunday

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