Organization: Lumina Datamatics

Position: Senior Developer

Department: Developer

Location: Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida


  • Candidate should have a 3-5 years of experience.
  • A graduate or a post graduate degree in any discipline

Key Responsibilities:

  • Prior project experience of working on eRetail matching projects using Apache Solr, Image matching and learning and recommendation engines using Apache Mahout.
  • Prior procrapy, Java
  • 4 years + ject experience of working on Web Scraping using Python, Scrapy, Java, phantom.js, Selenium, HTMLUnit Technology focused on : Python, SExperience in NoSQL MongoDB 3.1+ and Cassandra 2+ design and usage
  • 4 years + Experience in writing queries (DML) and working with MySQL or similar database
  • 3 years + Experience with creating web services in REST.
  • Should have experience of design, build and deployment of complex, multi-tier Java web application architecture using an OpenSource Java technology stack.
  • 3years + Experience in Spring 3.X (non Spring MVC e.g. Spring scheduler, Spring boot etc…)

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